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Enroplus produces and implements asphalts, cold-cast asphalts and crack-bridging in the Centre region and across the French territory

Enroplus is equipped with a TSM 17 asphalt workstation with rates varying from 90 to 200 R/h. The plant is specialized in the production and implementation of hot-mix asphalt. Continuous quality controls are carried out in accordance with the standard requirements (CE and AQP Labelling). Recently, Enroplus has developed other activities such as cold asphalt and crack bridging:

  • Cold asphalt is a thin surfacing material for roads maintenance and repairs. This technique improves the road grips and makes the wearing course waterproof while reducing traffic disturbance through a fast repairing process.
  • Crack bridging is a preventive maintenance technique consisting in repairing the cracks so as to prevent a fast deterioration of the roads. This elastomer sealant fills in the hydraulic gravel shrinkage and ensures a good non-permeable surfacing.

Enroplus has the staff and the material required to carry out all three activities in the Centre region and across the French territory for cold asphalt and crack bridging. The plant is located in Le Bardon (45) twenty kilometres away from Orléans on the exit 15 of the A10 motorway (Meung/Loire).

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Contact information
  • « Les Friches »
    Route d’Ouzouer le Marché
    45130 LE BARDON

    Tel.: +33 (0)2 38 46 50 04
    Fax: +33 (0)2 38 46 54 33

In charge
  • Managing Director
    • Romain GRAS
  • Sales contacts
    • Nelson PINTO
    • o Ludovic PAURIN
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