Treatment of dust

Aggregates that are crushed and screened in our quarries generate dust. To limit the propagation of dust and respect our environment beyond our legal obligations, we have implemented technical solutions such as:

  • Cladding is installed all around dust-emitting equipment,
  • Wet treatment systems keep the dust down onto the ground as much as possible

Dust flying resulting from the trucks driving back and forth is stopped by watering the tracks.

Protection against acoustic emissions

Cladding around the equipment generating most noise pollution such as crushers, grinders and screens reduces acoustic emissions. Systematic measurements have already indicated that acoustic levels are below the legal threshold.

Vibrations reduction

Each blasting is combined with the installation of a seismograph in carefully selected areas. It records the vibrations generated when blasting and allows the blaster to make all the necessary arrangements accordingly.

 Water: in the heart of our quarries


Lots of our quarries are established near waterways. This situation allows fruitful exchanges with local associations. We work in close collaboration all together and we are committed to preserving Mother Nature all round this very sensitive environment.

Follow-up of water quality

The quarry manager asks regularly:

  • A sampling of underground waters,
  • An analysis of the water composition,

In order to make sure that our activities do not impact the groundwater table.


Fruitful, rewarding partnerships

After more than 80 years of experience in quarrying, Nivet Group has developed partnerships from whom we get advice and technical assistance and recommendations in the management of our plants environment.

The CPIE (Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives) intercedes as a voluntary approach of environmental follow-up.

The LPO (association for the protection of Birds) and the Anjou Loire Touraine PNR (Regional Natural Park) have signed an agreement in force since 2008 with several plants of the Nivet Group.

They recommend to identify and highlight all the fauna and flora richness within our quarries by:

  • Preserving existing species,
  • Observing developing species,

Developing the quality of our plant rehabilitation