Carrière de Saint Denis Carrière-de Saint-Denis

Eruptive rocks quarry in the Sarthe departement (72)

Saint Denis quarry started in 1984. It was created to supply the local market which was poor in eruptive-based materials. Initially designed to produce about 400 to 500 000 tons of materials, their production has gradually increased to reach 1 million of tons today up to 1 600 000 tons for the past two years (2013 and 2014) when delivering the French railway “Ligne à Grande Vitesse Bretagne – Pays de la Loire”.


Saint Denis quarry exploits a deposit of eruptive rocks (Gabbro or Dolerite) that they transform to produce aggregates mainly designed for roadworks and construction works. The deposit is homogenous. The petrographic quality of the various quarry faces is determined and recorded each year as the basis of the product traceability.

Our teams are committed to providing high quality services

In Saint Denis quarry, the teams are committed to providing high quality services to their clients. Because they listen carefully to the customers and their needs, the sales department is always ready to help or to come for a visit. All our staff are also very proficient and give the best recommendations regarding the selection and implementation of the materials.

The quarry is committed to supplying the right quantity and quality of materials as well as to respecting the deadlines and prices. A written proposal and a quote are issued for each new project. The production is planned from the selection of the quarrying zone in accordance with the requirements of the CE labelling for aggregates.

The materials are controlled satisfactory and classified: the characteristics of the deposit are clearly identified, the plant is qualified and controlled, the competences and methods are appraised. Some of their products are also NF-labelled.

The planning is adjusted in real time in order to deliver the products within the deadlines and they work in close collaboration with carriers they have first selected, trained and appraised. Loading hours range from 5.00 am to 6.30 pm for a minimum waiting time.

The plant is very much involved in continuous improvement, a fast, efficient processing of claims and nonconformities through internal audits and management review, a plan of corrective and preventive actions and the measure of their customers’ satisfaction as a service level indicator for their quality system.

Saint Denis quarry is respectful of the environment and safety measures through their full knowledge and respect of the law, the limitation of any kind of pollution (dust, noise), the audited implementation of preventive actions and the control of potentially overloaded vehicles.

Useful information

The plant is located near the A81 motorway Le Mans/Laval (southbound) in the district of Saint-Denis-d’Orques in the Sarthe departement bordering the Mayenne departement. The reception is open from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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Contact information
  • La Ragainière
    72350 Saint Denis D’orques

    Tel.: +33 (0)2 43 88 62 16
    Fax: +33 (0)2 43 88 20 50
In charge
  • Director
    • Jean-Marc HITA
  • Sales manager
    • Alain NOURY
  • Reception, Shipment, Logistics
    • Sylvie BOUVET
    • Emilie LAUNAY
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